ScAutio App

The Most Advanced Interphone App!

With ScAutio, you only need a smartphone and a network connection to communicate with other bikers without distance limits, limits on the participants in the conversation, limits on the conversation channels. And without the need for proprietary hardware.

An outstanding intercom app

ScAutio transforms a common smartphone into an advanced Walkie-Talkie. It supports group conversations up to hundreds of participants and is able to reconnect when the internet connection is lost. Furthermore, it is bidirectional, and therefore

Control ScAutio through an Handlebar Button

ScAutio can use wired buttons (test it with a common headset-microphone) or Bluetooth remote controls (try with camera remote controls!). You can trigger voice communication in PTT mode (speak until pressed) and in toggle mode

Record and Navigate your GPS Tracks

ScAutio allows you to put the app in the background and record your track, change color to the track, export the track in KML or GPX formats, navigate the recorded track (by using OsmAnd app)

Keep control of your riding group!

ScAutio shows your adventure companions on the map: you can then make sure that the group is compact.

Secure and Easy-to-Use

ScAutio features an easy-to-use interface and protects data through SSL encryption. ScAutio works using 2G, 3G or WiFi networks, allowing conversation from any distance.

Discover the Nuraghi near you

ScAutio allows you, if you are in Sardinia, to find the nuraghi and many other archaeological sites next to you.


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